Olkia's story

Where did it all start?

Olkia started at the time of the corona virus, when there was a lot of news about children and young people's weakened mental well-being, increased loneliness and inequality. Since children and young people are close to our hearts, we thought about how we could best help them with our own professional skills.

The idea of ​​an online store was born

  • bears social responsibility by encouraging children and young people to move outside and enjoy nature.

  • offers a comprehensive selection of durable and responsibly produced clothing and equipment for outdoor activities for children and young people.

  • encourages recycling and correct repair and maintenance of products.
  • makes donations to the needs of children and young people as far as we can through Hope ry or other associations.

Olkia's goal is for exercise to become an everyday luxury and a regular part of children's and young people's lives - whatever the weather, because we believe it has a strong connection to their well-being.

Based on these ideas, Olkia's online store was opened in March 2022.

Where does the name Olkia come from?

Before, when grain was threshed by hand, the straight stalks - straw - remained after threshing. Straw was used in many ways – as a mattress pad, roofing material, handicrafts and even made into bread in an emergency. Straw often reflects growth, life and the cycle of nature. Based on its name, the Olkia online store was born from the need to make life easier, promote sustainable development and nurture a connection with nature.

Himmel made from straw was once considered a good luck charm for a good harvest, and the straw also brought light and warmth to the dark house. Olkia's logo is a modernized himmeli, and the play button takes shape in the middle of it, which reflects playfulness, fun and a twinkle in the corner of the eye attitude. Let's play!

What do we promise?

Ease of everyday life
Purchasing equipment for growing children and young people can seem like a chore in the midst of everyday busyness. Olkia's goal is to make it as effortless as possible.

Connection with nature
We encourage families to move outdoors together. We offer outdoor clothing and equipment so that being outdoors becomes an everyday luxury and a regular part of life. In addition, we support the well-being of children and young people in the form of donations through Hope Ry .

Responsible choices
In our selection, we prefer responsibly made, time- and wear-resistant products that will last even for the next user. The products are packed and transported as ecologically as possible. We all have a responsibility for the kind of earth we leave behind.

You can read more about our responsibility here .

Who are we?


Sari has a strong background in sales and marketing tasks in the financial sector, as well as business development tasks in domestic e-commerce companies. He is responsible for Olkia's business up to the packaging of your order.

Sari loves to move in a variety of ways, try different sports and challenge herself. However, as a former track and field athlete, my favorite form of exercise is brisk running. As a mother of three children, it is important to Sari that the children also find the joy of movement and their own natural strengths. Sari has long had a dream to help children and young people - Olkia is now an important channel for that.



Keke has long-term experience in the IT industry before he jumped into full-time photography. He has been doing photography since he was young. As a former professional snowboarder, Keke is most comfortable in his free time on a skateboard and snowboard, and as a father of two small children doing everyday chores.

In addition to photography, videos, crazy ideas and IT work, Keke makes sure that things are not done the usual way, that a smile is kept in the corner of the eye and the bar is high.