Life jackets for children and young people

      Acquiring the right type and size of life jacket for children and young people is an important part of preparing for a boat trip, but you can also play and have fun on the beach and jump off the pier safely with a life jacket on. It's also a good way for the child to try out how the life jackets hold up.

      Life vests for children and young people should be bought according to weight class - there must be no room for growth. Children's lifejackets must have the marking 100 N, which means that they support the child with a lift of 100 Newtons in the event of falling into the water. In addition, lifejackets must have an approved CE marking. It is good to have a collar on a child's life jacket, because the collar raises and keeps the child's face above the water surface. Always remember to fasten the life jackets carefully.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find Helly Hansen's high-quality collared life jackets for children and young people with CE and 100 N markings.