Superyellow for children and young people

      Superyellow is a domestic brand of beanies, which was inspired by Finland's changing climate in 2007. The company's goal from the beginning has been to produce environmentally friendly and durable woolen beanies that are versatile and suitable for different seasons and situations. The beanies combine timeless design, high-quality materials, natural colors and details.

      All products are 100% manufactured in Finland, which has been an important choice for the company. Finland has good conditions and strong expertise for the manufacture of woolen products. The products are knitted and sewn in knitting mills with long traditions in the field. In addition, thanks to local production, the environmental impact caused by transportation is reduced.

      The products use only high-quality merino and cotton, whose suppliers are carefully selected and certified. Merino wool comes from New Zealand and Argentina from farms whose production has not used harmful chemicals. Merino wool is 100% mulesing-free, which guarantees that the animal is not harmed. The cotton comes from Turkey, and it is either organic cotton or Oeko-Tex® certified cotton. Cotton is produced by minimizing the environmental impact at every stage of its life cycle. No harmful chemicals are used in cultivation and dyeing.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find children's merino wool and organic cotton beanies that are easy to care for and suitable for year-round use. Our selection consists of Superyellow's perennial favorites and a few novelties.