Winter jackets for children and young people


      A good winter coat gives children and young people protection from frost and wind, but different coats are suitable for different purposes.

      • Mountain outdoor jackets as well as light top and light down jackets are suitable for milder weather and short-term outdoor activities.
      • In windy and rainy weather, you can put a shell jacket on top of a light top or down jacket to provide additional protection. Especially in winter sports, it is worth investing in layered clothing.
      • Warm top and down jackets are best suited for basic outdoor activities and in severe frosts .
      • Those who enjoy winter sports, such as skiing, should pay attention to the technical characteristics of the winter jacket. Such are e.g. snow lock, cuff elastics and a pocket for a lift ticket, which can be found in ski jackets .
      • Long parka, top and down jackets are best suited as a leisure jacket - especially when the child does not want to wear top pants.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find the best winter jackets for outdoor activities, winter sports, school and daycare in sizes 100-176cm. The selection consists of high-quality mountain outdoor jackets, lightweight down jackets and down jackets with cotton or down lining.

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