Sleeping bags and bases for children and young people


      What is the right size sleeping bag? You should always get a sleeping bag according to the size of the child or young person. You should not buy a sleeping bag that is too big, because a sleeping bag that is too big creates air pockets and affects the insulation. You should also not get a sleeping bag that is too small. In Olkia's selection, you can find both Halti and Jack Wolfskin high-quality two-stage sleeping bags for children and teenagers, which grow with the child.

      Tips for packing and storing a sleeping bag:

      • After use, it is good to ventilate the sleeping bag so that the moisture accumulated during the night can evaporate.
      • The sleeping bag is stuffed into the transport bag and therefore does not roll up.
      • At home, you should store the sleeping bag loosely, either in a larger storage bag or, for example, by hanging it on a hanger. This way the sleeping bag stays fluffy.
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