Children's and youth socks

      Let your child enjoy dry and warm feet by choosing the right socks!

      Many people prefer flexible and comfortable cotton socks for everyday use, even though they easily feel tight and cause odors. Wool and technical/synthetic materials move moisture away from the skin and keep the feet dry and warm. Warm merino wool socks are the best choice, especially in winter. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, so often just airing is enough instead of washing. However, wool wears out easily from rubbing, so if wear resistance is required from socks, wool blend socks are a better choice. Technical/synthetic fibers increase abrasion resistance and keep the sock in its shape better.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find high-quality socks for children and young people for cross-country skiing, skiing, outdoor activities and free time. The selection consists of high-quality merino wool, wool blend and cotton socks from VAI-KO, Burton, Reima, Halti and Makia. In addition , the selection includes Reiman Anti-Bite socks , which prevent children's feet from being bitten by insects.
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