Shorts and skirts for children and young people

      Children's and young people's shorts should be suitable for the intended use and be comfortable to wear. Light, breathable and quick-drying shorts are an excellent choice for hot summer days and sports. For excursions, on the other hand, you should choose weather and wear-resistant shorts that also have pockets, such as Fjällräven's Vidda Shorts or Didriksons Ekoxen shorts . Sometimes it is also difficult to choose between pants and shorts, in which case 2in1 pants are a great choice for day runs. The legs of the pants come off with the help of zippers and thus easily transform into shorts.

      In Olkia's selection you can find high-quality children's and youth shorts, short skirts and 2in1 pants in sizes 100-176 cm. The selection consists of Helly Hansen, Didriksons, Fjällräven, Reima, Picture Organic and Jack Wolfski products.
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