MIZU for children and young people

      Mizu's story began in Alaska in 2008, where Finnish Olympic athlete and professional snowboarder Jussi Oksanen and filmmaker Brad Kremer were shooting a snowboard movie. During the trip, they noticed how much they were consuming plastic water bottles. Jussi tried to look for refillable water bottles that would meet his hydration needs and fit the style, but he couldn't find any. That's when Jussi decided to found a company that would fill that void.

      All of Mizu's products have been developed worldwide by athletes, photographers and explorers who live half their lives outdoors. In addition to a functional product, Mizu's product development has focused on high-quality and innovative design, which is wanted just as much because of its appearance.

      In Olkia's selection you can find Mizu's most popular products from the original M series. They are made of 18/8 stainless steel, 100% recyclable and BPA free, and light due to their single wall. The most popular product is the 750ml M8 because of its ideal size. The latest in the range, the 500ml M5, is smaller and slimmer, and is particularly well suited for smaller users. Both are excellent camping and sports water bottles, as they do not break even under the toughest handling.