Mid-season pants for children and young people

      Good outdoor trousers are an important part of a child's and young person's wardrobe. Outdoor trousers should be suitable for the purpose of use and its requirements and provide protection in various weather conditions.

      • High-quality waterproof shell pants breathe and transfer moisture efficiently from the inside of the pants to the outside - unlike traditional rain pants.
      • Softshell pants are often softer, more flexible and more breathable than shell pants, which is why they are suitable for many types of outdoor activities.
      • The most important properties of hiking pants are durability, fit and breathability. They often have reinforcements and waterproof areas on the knees, legs and rear.
      • Lightweight shell pants, such as Jack Wolfskin's Rainy Days , can be taken with you on a hike and put on top of your hiking pants when it rains.

      Olkia has a wide selection of high-quality shell and camping and softshell pants (in sizes 100-176cm). The selection consists of long-lasting favorites and novelties from Reima, Helly Hansen, Didriksons, Jack Wolfskin and Fjällräven, which withstand both time and consumption.
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