Headwear for children and young people

      It is worth investing in a good hat, but different hats are suitable for different purposes:

      • The best choice for winter sports, depending on the weather and activity, is either a wool blend beanie or a beanie or bandana made entirely of technical material (see Burton Mountain High Fleece-Lined Beanie and Halti Niva Band ).
      • Beanies made of natural fibers such as merino wool, which breathe and repel moisture, are best suited for leisure time and low-tempo winter sports.
      • In a dark beanie, it's good to have reflective details (see Didriksons Dropi Kids' Beanie ).
      • In the summer, you need to protect yourself from the sun, so you need a summer hat or a cap .

      You can find a wide selection in Olkia's selection children's and young people's beanies, caps, pantos and summer hats. Some of the headgear is adult size, because often elementary school children already wear adult size. The selection consists of products from Halti, Reima, Didriksons, Tretorn, Fjällräven, Makia, VAI-KO and Superyellow.
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