SIGG has been manufacturing refillable, light and environmentally friendly drinking bottles in Switzerland since 1908.

      SIGG offers a more ecological alternative to plastic drinking bottles and food storage containers, as they are long-lasting and 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. All materials used are BPA-free, and do not contain any other substances toxic to humans or the environment.

      Plus, SIGG does this in style! It has an established position as a link between design and ecology. The design of the bottle has become a classic, on which artists from all over the world have been able to create patterns. The SIGG X Moomin collaboration has combined two classics with similar values. In the Moomin books, nature plays an important role, because the adventures take place in harmony with nature and the seasons.

      When choosing a drinking bottle, it is good to think about the following things, for example:
      • Does the bottle have to be particularly durable?
      • Is the lightness of the bottle important?
      • Will it handle hot or cold drinks, or both?
      • Is the appearance of the bottle one that could be used longer?