Didriksons for children and young people


      Didriksons is a Swedish clothing brand that has been producing functional and top-quality outdoor clothing for over a hundred years. Didriksons is a Europe-wide respected brand whose goal is still to keep people dry and warm whatever the weather.

      The children's collection includes, among other things, rain- and wind-resistant jackets and pants, rain outfits and overalls, which guarantee that getting wet, freezing or other boring obstacles will not interfere with playing in any weather. Didriksons children's clothes have the Extend Size function, which allows you to lengthen the legs and sleeves by approx. one size. In addition, Didriksons has its own collection for young people, which takes into account the needs of older schoolchildren both stylistically and functionally.

      Didriksons invests in creating products that last for many years both in terms of quality and design. Durable materials are used in the production and most of the products are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials, such as polyester and polyamide. The products never use materials of animal origin, such as fur, down or leather, and no fillers containing PFC compounds.

      At Olkia, you can find a wide selection of high-quality Didriksons children's and youth outdoor clothing in sizes 100-170cm and accessories.

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