Gloves, mittens and mittens for children and young people

      Mittens or gloves ? Both are good options. The choice depends on the child's age, personal preferences and intended use. It is often easier for a smaller child to put on mittens than gloves. Gloves are often made of thicker material, and they warm more. The gloves, on the other hand, are flexible and enable better mobility.

      The material is chosen according to the weather. Fleece and merino wool warm comfortably in cool and dry weather. Waterproof gloves and mittens keep your hands dry in wet weather. On the other hand, with the touch screen fingers, you can play without your fingers freezing.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find high-quality long-lasting favorites for children and young people by Reima, Didriksons, Halti, Burton, Picture Organic, Jack Wolfskin and Moiko.
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