Nikwax's first commercial product was born in 1977, when 22-year-old Englishman Nick Brown developed "Nick's wax" (hence the name Nikwax). Nick had been used to hiking with his father in the rugged landscapes of Scotland since he was a child, but was dissatisfied with the functionality of the impregnations of the time. So he himself developed a recipe that would keep the footwear water-repellent and breathable without losing the product's properties. He busily traveled around Europe in a used Morris 1000 van and soon found himself selling Nick's wax to eight different countries.

      In 1983, Nick expanded the range to treat and impregnate waterproof clothing to help keep gear waterproof, windproof and comfortable to wear. As an environmentally conscious person, he was the first in the world to develop a water-based product series for home use, in which harmful and flammable solvents were replaced with water.

      Today, Nikwax is the world's leading manufacturer of safe and effective cleaning, impregnation and care products for outdoor gear. Nikwax products are water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, i.e. they do not contain PFC compounds, aerosols or hydrofluorocarbons. The products also do not require heat activation, such as tumble drying or ironing, which could damage, for example, the taping of the seams of shell clothing.

      Olkia's selection includes Nikwax's most important aftercare products for textiles and footwear: detergent and impregnating agent for technical clothing, detergents for wool and down products, and impregnating agent for leather and fabric shoes.