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Children's and youth footwear

      Children and young people need several pairs of shoes every year - either used or new, because no one wears one pair of shoes throughout the year. In summer it is good to have breathable shoes or sandals, in spring and autumn waterproof shoes with or without stems, in rainy weather either with mountain or non-mountain rubber boots. In winter, on the other hand, you need warm winter shoes - not to mention party shoes.

      The choice of shoes is influenced by the season and purpose of use. The shoe must be the right size and feel comfortable on the foot, because the wrong type of shoes can cause wrong positions of the body during a long run. You should always fit the shoes to both feet, as one foot is often bigger than the other. It is good to leave about 12-17 mm of room for growth. The shoes should be flexible and light, and the last should fit the shape of the foot.

      In Olkia's selection, you can find high-quality summer, mid-season and winter shoes and rubber boots in sizes 26-39. The selection consists of Reima, Halt, Tretorn, Jack Wolfski and Crocs long-time favorites and new products that are a pleasure to wear to daycare, school and leisure adventures.

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