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Lente Leisure Shoes - Children&
Lente Leisure Shoes - Children&

Lente Leisure Shoes - Children's summer shoes

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Haltin Lente Laceless summer shoes for children are easy and quick to slip on. It is easy for the child to put on and take off the shoes independently thanks to the elastic band. These children's shoes are very light and have a shock-absorbing Phylon midsole and a quick-drying textile lining.

A removable, anatomically shaped insole completes the fit of the shoes.

  • Washable summer shoes for children
  • Very light and breathable
  • Easy strapless model
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole
  • Removable, shaped insole
  • Upper recycled textile: 100% polyester
  • Cool Lycra fabric lining

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Clothing sizes for children and young people are given in centimeters. The size marking means the length of the child's body. By comparing the body measurements to the size chart, you can find the corresponding size of the product that gives direction. By using a measuring tape, you ensure the fit of the garment and avoid unnecessary returns.

The dimensions in the size chart are fixed body measurements in centimeters. The dimensions are indicative measurements of a normal body.

Measurement instructions

The dimensions are measured directly from the body, preferably over the underwear.

Freedom of movement has been taken into account in the dimensioning of the clothes.
Choose the tops according to the bust circumference and the bottoms according to the hip circumference.


Haltin Size chart for children's clothing


Halti Size chart for children's gloves


Haltin Size chart for children's shoes

Sports and outdoor clothing require maintenance and washing. When you take care of your clothes according to the care and washing instructions, you extend their useful life. Correct and regular maintenance of the products also contributes to the product's recyclability and durability. Halti's products are designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development to withstand use and time.

Each Halti product comes with care instructions, which tell you the recommended washing and care instructions for that product, as well as the washing temperature. It is important that you follow these instructions. Do not store sports clothes when they are dirty, because then sweat and dirt will stick to the product and it will be more difficult to remove them. Also, the material's technical properties, such as breathability, can deteriorate when the product is dirty.

DrymaxX® products must be washed separately and turned inside out. Spinning, tumble drying and twisting the product may damage the product. The use of fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softener is not recommended, as the ingredients of these substances can block the microscopic pores of the DrymaxX® film. In order for the DrymaxX® product to retain its properties, it should be impregnated with a impregnating agent intended for membrane clothing as needed. OLKiA's selection includes high-quality impregnating agents from Nikwax.

Washing and care instructions

  • Before washing, empty the pockets and remove the reflectors and other loose parts, close the zippers, stickers and snaps and Pre-treat the stains with a stain remover (check the color fastness of the material before treatment on an inconspicuous area).
  • Sort the laundry correctly according to colors and composition. Wash delicate and vulnerable materials separately and heavy outerwear separately. Use laundry bags if necessary.
  • Do not overfill the washing machine. Products are cleaned better in open water.
  • If the washing instructions say "wash separately", the product should be washed separately. This prevents possible discoloration and ensures that there are no detergent residues left in the product.
  • Be reasonable when dosing the detergent. If the product is only sweaty and not really dirty, even less detergent is enough. We recommend special detergents for technical clothes, OLKiA's selection includes Nikwax products
  • We do not recommend using fabric softeners or detergents containing them, as they may affect the functionality of the product.
  • There is no reason to leave the products in a closed drum after washing, but it is recommended to hang them to dry as quickly as possible after washing. Hang the clothes to air dry and use tumble drying if it is allowed in the washing instructions.
  • For Active Dry knitwear, such as t-shirts, we recommend a light rinse after each sweaty use. If the product has an unpleasant smell after washing, it can be neutralized in a generous amount of water with a splash of vinegar (just rinsing is enough, do not soak the product). Normal washing in the machine is recommended after this.
  • For down clothes, we recommend a liquid detergent intended for down products. Drum drying is recommended to restore the fluffiness of the product. If the down is still clumped together after washing, we recommend using a separate additional rinse program. This will remove any detergent residue from the down. If drum drying is not possible, the product should be dried in an airy place and the product should be fluffed occasionally.
  • It is also good to air the clothes between washes.

OLKiA Oy will soon start deliveries to other EU countries as well! At the moment, we only deliver within the borders of Finland, but not to the Åland Islands. The delivery time of the products to the home country is approximately 1–3 business days.

Delivery to Matkahuolto's pick-up point

  • Delivery fee €0.00 when the value of the delivery is over €119
  • The XXS package delivery fee is €4.95 when the delivery value is less than €119. This is shown in the menu, if the order can be sent in this size.
  • The delivery fee for the Nällä package is €5.95 when the value of the delivery is less than €119

Delivery by Post

  • Delivery fee €0.00 when the value of the delivery is over €119
  • The delivery fee for a small package is €5.90 when the value of the delivery is less than €119. This is shown in the menu, if the order can be delivered to a mailbox or door.
  • Postal package to the pick-up point delivery fee €7.95, when the value of the delivery is less than €119

Posti/Matkahuolto home delivery

  • Delivery fee €14.90 (home delivery between 9am and 9pm)

The products have a free 14-day right of return, but the shipping costs paid in the order are not reimbursed for product returns. If the order is returned in whole or in part so that the value of the remaining order is less than €119, we reserve the right to deduct the costs of the original shipment from the amount to be returned. If you need help finding the right product or size, please contact us at customer@olkia.fi - we will be happy to help.

Read more detailed terms of delivery here .
You can find more information about exchanges and returns here .

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