Olkia strives for comprehensive responsibility in all its operations. This means both a social, economic and ecological point of view.

It is important for us to work respecting all people and following good operating practices. We want to maintain good relations with all stakeholders, covering the entire value chain and other partners. Our goal is to be an employer where well-being at work, equality, equality and skill development play a significant role.

We strive to operate efficiently and profitably as well as competitively. As a domestic small business, we want to favor Finnish operators so that we can, for our part, increase welfare and the number of jobs in Finland. Our goal is also to offer jobs ourselves and employ especially young people, as well as support the well-being of children and young people, for example in the form of donations through Hope Ry. In addition, we do fundraising campaigns in cooperation with sports clubs.

We also require responsibility from our suppliers, and that is a guiding factor when we choose brands for our online store. In our selection, we prefer responsibly manufactured products that will last even for the next user. We want to encourage the long-term use of clothes. The same jacket can be passed around in the family from one child to another, or the clothes that are too small can be delivered to our partner Emmy, who handles the resale of the clothes.

Products are packed in shipping bags made of recycled plastic and larger deliveries in recyclable cardboard boxes, we use ecological paper tape as tape. We recycle plastics, paper and cardboard. Even though we are an online store, we offer a pick-up option for the residents of the nearby area, because it is more ecological.