Fjällrävenin lasten ja nuorten Kids Vidda G-1000 shortsit värissä Dark Grey edestä kuvattuna
Fjällrävenin lasten ja nuorten Kids Vidda G-1000 shortsit värissä Uncle Blue edestä kuvattuna

Kids Vidda - Children's and youth shorts

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Fjällräven shorts made of durable G-1000 material are suitable for brisk camping and other outdoor activities. The shorts have a double fabric in the back, so they are very durable. To increase comfort, the shorts have an adjustable waist and several pockets where you can put a map or treasures found in the forest.

  • Windproof and water-repellent
  • Reinforced with two layers of fabric on the back.
  • Two side pockets and several thigh pockets.
  • Elasticated waist adjustment.
  • Material: G-1000® Original: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Washing instructions:
40 °C normal program. Washable with similar colors, do not use fabric softener, fluorocarbon-free impregnation after washing.
Ironing 1 point - maximum 110 °C

This product uses Fjällräven's durable G-1000 material for outdoor use. Combined with timeless design, the result is products that last year after year. This is how you get the responsibility born of longevity.



Fjällräven's Size chart for children's clothing


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Certain products – for example Eco-Shell and G-1000 garments – will most likely need to be impregnated again after storage.

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