Pukeutusmisvinkit kevääseen [3/3]

Dressing tips for spring [3/3]


Continuation from the previous part , where we discussed what to wear under shell clothes.

Part 3 of 3

Different socks for different purposes

As far as socks are concerned, I myself am a bit of a strange exception, because I spend summers and winters in hand-knitted woolen socks. They work really well for me, because the foot breathes well and doesn't sweat. Partly because of the material and partly because hand-knitted socks have larger loops than machine-knitted socks. In general, the same idea works with socks as with underlayers. We also prefer merino wool as a material, because merino socks are really comfortable, warm and breathable, even though they are not the most wear-resistant of all. In a cotton sock, the foot quickly sweats inside the shoe, but the socks are more durable. So here again, mixtures that have the best properties of both in the same sock work well. However, the important thing with socks is that the foot stays dry and warm, and the socks don't start to rub. Likewise, you have to think again about where the sock will be used. If you wear shoes outside during the day, a merino sock is really good, and it doesn't wear much inside the shoe. If, on the other hand, the child spends most of the day inside with his socks on, then a cotton sock is a good option.

A lot is required from mid-season shoes

A lot is required of spring shoes when the snow is still on the ground. After the snow has closed, things get a little easier. When the snow melts, the shoe should be warm in the morning, but in the afternoon it should not be worn. There may be ice in the mornings, so the bottom must be firm. It's hard to take advantage of the benefits of layering with shoes. A suitable shoe usually only fits one sock, the thickness of which can of course adjust the amount of warmth. We prefer lined boots with a firm sole for our children in the spring. When the snow melts, shelled e.g. Goretex sneakers are popular with us with regular boots. Shell shoes keep your feet dry if there is little water on the ground and you don't stay in the water for long periods of time. In spring, when the weather is still relatively cool, the shell shoe is also not too hot and grinding. However, shell shoes absorb water little by little and are also slow to dry. For example, when it comes to school trips, you have to look at the weather to see if the child goes to school in a little clumsy boots or nimble leather shoes. It may also be that the child wants to go to school in wet weather in normal, nice shoes. Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of leather shoes and boots these days, and schoolchildren can dress according to trends and still wear clothes suitable for the weather.

Comfortable to wear

However, I have noticed that clothes and shoes must be pleasing to the child, then he will also wear them. Others are more interested in the color and how the clothes look. Others are more interested in how the clothes feel on them. When adults' thoughts about the characteristics of clothes are added to this, sometimes a difficult situation arises and it is completely unnecessary. In everything, you must also remember that what is the intended use of the clothes and the required situation. The child does not need to be overdressed in outerwear if he is outside for a few minutes at a time and the clothes can be dried immediately after use. When the child is outside for several hours at a time, the situation changes and more is required of the clothes. In other words, let us parents try to help our children wear clothes that are as suitable as possible for the weather and let's accept compromises and not strive for perfection.

Author - Juuso Aho

Juuso Aho

Juuso is a father of two children, a former special forces soldier and a current wellness entrepreneur who runs his own Boxinbox coaching center in Hämeenlinna. In addition to the center, he is one of those focused on developing the authorities' operational capacity
About the founders and trainers of Tora Tactical Fitness . Juuso also has experience with the late Aki Hintsa's Formula 1 coaching team from 2014, when he was responsible for overall coaching of Jean-Erik Vergne. Aki's studies and the year abroad gave Juuso a lot professionally, and eventually led him to entrepreneurship. Among other things, Juuso has tried to utilize these teachings in his own coaching.

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