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Favorite products for spring

In this blog post, you can find my TOP 10 spring recommendations from the Olkia online store. I am Olkia's entrepreneur, product buyer and mother of three children (children 6, 9 and 11 years old), so I have a good feeling about high-quality and functional children's clothes, shoes and equipment. However, children and their needs are different - what works for one may not necessarily work for another. However, I share my experience so that I can make life easier for at least one of you when it comes to choices. The list of recommendations could be much longer, but especially these products are in frequent use in our family. I have also tried to include a selection of products from different product categories in the list.

1. Fjällräven's High Coast Pocket bag

We have the timeless stylish High Coast Pocket small bag for the whole family to use, as the strap can be easily adjusted to suit the wearer. The bag can hold a phone and other small items, such as a bank card. We have these bags in several different colors and they are all actively used, especially in the summer.

2. Haltin Kunnar Jr Gloves

Halti's Kunnar gloves, which are flexible and feel comfortable, are used by us both in kindergarten and at school. They are excellent leisure gloves that also provide good grip when cycling, climbing and other activities. Halti also manufactures Kunnar gloves for adults.

3. Helly Hansen technical shirts - Jr Loen Tech LS Top and T-shirt

Helly's technical shirts are this spring's new products, which I bought for us right away for my own use. Both shirts are soft and super light with 15% merino wool. The feel of the material is different compared to a traditional technical shirt.

4. Reima Anti-Bite products

Among the Anti-Bite products, we have socks ( Insect socks and Karkuun socks ) in several sizes and colors, as well as Pistoton leggings and Sillat shorts . They are number one, because we spend a lot of time outside both at home and at the cottage. Anti-Bite products protect e.g. from mosquitoes and ticks.

5. Tovik (girls) and Halde (boys) hybrid hoodies by Didriksons

Didriksons' hybrid hoodies are stylish and high-quality and versatile. We have used the white Tovik hoodie both at the end of school and in trail running training. These hoodies are the most popular products in the "Mid Season Jackets" category.

6. Jr Logo Pants by Helly Hansen

My children are slender and many sweatpants are too big in the waist. Helly's Logo Pants are suitable for the slim, and that's why these have been purchased in both blue and black. And although the pants are heavily worn, the knees have remained intact.

7. Rainy Days Pants Kids by Jack Wolfskin

Rainy Days Pants for children and young people are made on the basis of similar popular pants for adults. They are easy to put on over sweatpants and pack into a small space because they don't have a mesh lining. In addition, they have excellent functional and technical properties (water column value at least 10,000 mm).

8. Reiman Vantti softshell jacket

Reiman Vantti is excellent in terms of price-quality ratio. In addition to breathability and windproofness, this softshell jacket is also waterproof (water column value min. 10,00 mm). There are several color options, but my own child definitely wanted red, like his best friend.

9. Mizu Drinking bottles M5 (500 ml) and M8 (750 ml)

Mizu Drinking bottles were the most popular product in our online store last spring and summer. Our whole family also has both sizes in several colors. In addition to the fact that the drink stays cooler longer in the steel bottle, Plussaa also has a sufficiently large mouth opening. A sports cap is available as an accessory, which makes drinking faster and easier, especially for smaller children.

10. Halti Lente shoes

Wonderfully light and flexible summer shoes that are easy to put on. These popular shoes are also made for adults. Lente shoes have been versatile for us, because in the winter they have also been used for jogging and running in indoor halls. However, now we need the next size!

As I stated earlier, the list could be longer, because we have also received a lot of valuable feedback from you, the WONDERFUL customers. I hope that you will continue to give feedback and tell us about your wishes, because we will modify Olkia's selection based on them. Next, it would be great to make a TOP list of customers' favorites.

Have a wonderful spring and look forward to summer!

I said,
Sari Markkula

Photo from Sari Markkula

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Favorite products for spring
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