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Children run up the cliff
The nature of early summer is full of wonderful things. The forests are bursting with white and blue anemones and the streams are babbling. The nearby ponds and lakes exposed from under the ice invite you to take a dip, would you still dare? Trail running is, as the name suggests, running on trails. Compared to running on the road, running in nature and progressing as quickly as possible are forgotten and being in nature takes priority.
Trail running is versatile and requires endurance, agility, coordination and balance. The varying terrain with its stones and rhizomes challenges the body's muscles in a wide range of ways. You can take fast sprints on the flat needle path and you can try to jump over a fallen tree as skillfully as possible.
Children climb a steep hill
You can do trail running right in the nearby forest. As a species, this is climate-friendly and saves on the burden of transport. Try exploring the nearby woods by running along the path and seeing where it leads. You can also familiarize yourself with the terrain on the map or with various applications. Nowadays, many applications have a heat map of trail running and it shows which area has been moved the most in the nearby woods. It's worth noting that running on trails takes up to half as much time for the same distance as running on the road.
Children run downhill in the forest
Especially when trying out a sport, it is enough to have well-fitting sneakers and clothes in which you can move comfortably. If you want to do more sports, you should choose sneakers that have sufficient support and grip for different parts of the terrain. Long pants or socks that cover the lower legs can be good in muddy terrain to protect the lower legs from scratches.
If you want, you can also do trail running with a goal in mind. Trail running competitions are organized all over Finland and the development of the sport in the world has been incredible. If you are interested, you can find more information about it under the term mountain running. Children also have their own series, e.g. On Bodom Trail, Nuuksio Classic and Himos Trail.
But above all, every trail run is an adventure! You may encounter a forest animal or your sneakers may get a little or a little more wet. Even a rainy day can surprise you, but a rainy forest sounds and smells wonderful.
Trail running can also be done in a group. We founded our own trail running club for children and young people, Trail Blazers, which currently operates in Espoo. The pictures are from our training sessions. We hold training sessions once a week with varying themes. The following workouts can be found here in the calendar. Welcome and above all see you on the trails!
Author - Jasmina Nikula, Trail Blazers association
Photos - Trail Blazers Association
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