Miten saada mahdollisimman pitkä elinkaari lastenvaatteille?

How to get the longest possible life cycle for children's clothes?

Children really do grow up overnight, at least for us. One morning when they wake up, the pant legs are so short that the ankles and calves are flashing and the toes in the rubber boots are doubled.

That's when I get to my favorite hobby, thinking about what kind of outfit would serve in that season for as long as possible and in many situations. I want our children's clothes to be used as many times as possible, and I already think about recycling and resale value when purchasing. A high-quality branded product that goes around easily even with three different children.

Autumn weekends are berry and mushroom picking time in our family. Saturday loadings are handled by Mother Nature. We have taken each of our little ones on forest trips and hikes since they were a one-year-old toddler. The right kind of equipment that keeps out wind and moisture guarantees a successful trip for our children of different ages. And, of course, tasty snacks and exciting stories told by parents about foxes and squirrels.

It's not unusual for us to have a four-year-old sitting in the forest for hours picking berries in his mouth. At the same time, getting the beneficial forest dust from the forest to strengthen immunity is taken care of with a forest bath.

Children are different when it comes to sensing cold. Our family's 4-year-old exerciser is happy in the mid-season overalls until the end of November, while our 10-year-old tree climber wants to put on a top as early as October and sometimes even during summer evenings in the archipelago.

Shoes are often a stumbling block, because autumn in Finland is unpredictable and it can rain almost at any time, but after we found these excellent Reiman Coconi shoes in Olkia, the 4-year-old has not qualified for others.

The most important thing about elementary school children's shoes is that they can be put on quickly, so that they can be ahead of their friends in the school playground. True to its name, Tretorn's hybrid shoes fulfilled these characteristics perfectly.

You can recognize high-quality children's clothes by the fact that it is easy and pleasant for the child to put them on himself, the zipper closes like a greased one and the pockets can really store treasures. The sizing of the best children's clothes is fair enough that layers can fit underneath and the child can rush through his favorite games without the clothes chafing or requiring constant "pulling up of falling pants."

When both children and parents like the clothes, they are used diligently until they grow small and are sold or donated to the next child. There is a demand for good-quality clothes, and quality clothes continue their journeys in the forest for new wearers.

Clothes in the pictures: Jack Wolfskin Kids Zenon Jacket light top jacket, Jack Wolfskin Activate Pants Kids outdoor pants, Tretorn arch hybrid shoes. Helly Hansen vKids Guard Playsuit, Reima Coconi shoes.

Photos: Taru Marjamaa

Author – Taru Marjamaa

Taru Marjamaa is a mother of five children from Helsinki and works with the circular economy and trends. You can follow his fast-paced life on IG @tarutm or on Tiktok @tarutiktokkaa

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