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Dressing tips for spring [2/3]


Continuation from the previous part , where we discussed the use of shell clothes.

Part 2 of 3

What to wear against the skin

I speak highly of merino wool clothing. My own experiences with them have led to that. I like how they feel on the skin, because they are breathable and don't start to smell like sweat. There are big differences between the products of different manufacturers and their quality, just like with all other clothes. However, you should boldly try different products and look for options that suit you. Nowadays, there are also versions of merino wool clothing intended for sports. One of the best finds of my own has been an Icebreaker brand cycling shirt. It's warm in cool weather, but still a good shirt in 30 degree heat. The shirt doesn't smell, even if you sweat through it. It has been durable and kept its shape - so all in all a good shirt.

We, the whole family, prefer merino wool underwear under shell clothes. My favorites have been Aclima products, but due to the relatively high purchase price, we have not bought them for our children. We have tried merino wool products from different manufacturers, and they do have differences in terms of fit, durability and tickling. As soon as the product is not pure merino wool, but contains e.g. polyester, the garment does not itch as much and is more durable. Our children have liked two different merino underwear this winter: one model is 100% merino wool and the other is 55% merino wool and 45% recycled polyester. A fully merino wool garment has to be pulled into shape after washing, because it does not hold its shape quite as well. The children have been satisfied with both, and the adults also think that both have worked really well.

Additional heat from the mezzanine

It is good to put an intermediate layer on top of the base layer. Here we have taken advantage of my mother, the children's grandmother. She has hand-knitted merino wool for our children's intermediate layers, shirts and pants. And in this case too, the children were able to decide for themselves what color sweaters they wanted. After acting in this way, we not only made the children and ourselves happy, but also the grandmother, because she really likes to knit clothes and socks for her grandchildren.

In addition to hand-knitted woolen clothes, functional intermediate layers include machine-made woolen clothes and various fleeces and even cotton joggers. The functional base layer keeps the skin dry and warm, transferring moisture to the next layer. Since the weather varies and the children are different, for some, a simple cotton t-shirt over a merino layer may be enough to keep them warm enough.

Author - Juuso Aho

Juuso Aho

Juuso is a father of two children, a former special forces soldier and a current wellness entrepreneur who runs his own Boxinbox training center in Hämeenlinna. In addition to the center, he is one of the founders and trainers of Tora Tactical Fitness , which is focused on developing the operational capacity of the authorities. Juuso also has experience with the late Aki Hintsa's Formula 1 coaching team from 2014, when he was responsible for overall coaching of Jean-Erik Vergne. Aki's studies and the year abroad gave Juuso a lot professionally, and eventually led him to entrepreneurship. Among other things, Juuso has tried to utilize these teachings in his own coaching.

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