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The best tips for autumn dressing

The best tips for autumn dressing

What to wear for a child?

The clear and sunny days of autumn really call like sirens to spend time in nature. Who could resist the bright colors of autumn, the carpets of moss frozen by the frosty night as the last warming rays of the sun linger before the coming winter?

In autumn, the cold and wet weather can surprise both big and small outdoor enthusiasts. Getting ready for autumn is not difficult, but with the help of a few borrowed clothes, you can spend days outdoors, for example, chilling. With these dressing tips, you can focus on having fun!

Susanna Ylinen's children play in the autumn yard.

1. Prefer layered dressing

When there are several layers on top, you can easily adjust the outfit by removing extra layers if necessary - or vice versa by adding them. For a more active ride, you can throw away one or two layers in between - and on the other hand, if necessary, add an intermediate layer when the cold hits you.

Susanna Ylinen's children prefer to dress in layers to stay warm and dry.

2. Wind and waterproof shell suit on top

As the top layer, you should wear windproof and waterproof shell clothes. High-quality shell clothes are comfortable to wear. Invest in waterproofing, so small rains and puddles don't slow down the pace! When cats and dogs come from the sky, rainwear is unbeatable.

Susanna Ylinen's children have worn wind and waterproof shell suits as the top layer.

3. As a material, wool is incomparable!

Thin woolen clothes work as both under and middle layers. Wool is an absolutely wonderful material: it warms in the cold and breathes in the warm. I prefer wool for both my children and myself in the under and mezzanine layer. Children may have three layers of wool on top of each other in the winter. Technical materials also work in the mezzanine.

The woolen materials are incomparable, Susanna Ylinen's children in a goat fight.

4. Invest in good shoes!

How many pairs of shoes does a child need? If you ask our 5-year-old, the answer is one pair. Waterproof sneakers have been on my feet non-stop from spring to autumn. The durable soles also enable safe nature adventures.

Susanna Ylinen's children are playing in a backpack and the wonderful shoes are clearly visible.
Photos: Susanna Ylinen

Author – Susanna Ylinen

The tips were shared by Susanna Ylinen, who became known to the public as a baby hiker, and according to her life motto, the real life is lived outdoors.

You can follow Susanna's life on Instagram and read about her adventures on YLE's lifestyle.

Susanna Ylinen on a trip in Lapland with her baby
Photo: Riikka Ruokolainen

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