Projektina uusi kaveri liikkumiseen

As a project, a new friend for movement


All of us parents know that moving around with a child sometimes requires nerves and perseverance. The evening walk is not progressing at the speed we would perhaps like. Feelings can come to the surface when "dancing" on the futsal court, both for adults and children. But there are so many good things on the other side of the coin, that moving together with even a smaller child should become a daily routine.

As a mother of two small children, I motivate myself with the thought that my children will grow up to be perfect future sports fans. When I succeed in igniting a lifelong spark of exercise in them, we have a lot of shared and successful exercise moments ahead of us, both in everyday life and on holidays.

So let's grow a mobile guy for ourselves. It won't be long before that toddler, who is now slowing down the ski run and can't get over the rhizome on a mountain bike, pedals past us. He can handle it and he can. Isn't that what all of us parents want?

To move with the child with the right attitude

It's not just about endurance and skills. No way. It's more about adopting an attitude and a healthy life for the child. The entire life cycle of a child. According to statistics, our children stop supervised exercise at the age of 10.6, and only a couple of percent of young people exercise according to the recommendations. This means that we have not succeeded in raising young people who love physical life skills.

So we parents have to adopt a new kind of attitude. All togetherness and exercise is useful. That, perhaps boring and challenging exercise with a child, is certainly better than not moving. Much better.

And this attitude is also contagious to the child. He learns that it doesn't matter if there is a hole in the knee, the clothes are tight or bruises accumulate on the little body. An attitude where we work together and try. Let's dare to try new things that even the parent doesn't know very well. Let's throw ourselves and be together. We succeed and we fail. Let's laugh and bewitch. An active and experimental lifestyle is born for a child in early childhood.

A common thing about movement

A new friend in our sport feels like an eternity project. It's not that. It's a short moment in an adult's world, but a long and fulfilling trip for a child. Let's pass the trip on to the child.

Adult, so experiment with the child. Offer hobbies that you have done yourself and also those that you haven't. Try balancing on a fillar, play with a ball and make an evening walk a joint routine. These experiments may give the child a lifelong passion. So let's get our backsides up off the couch, exchange useless screen time for exercise moments and set an example. Behind a moving child is a moving adult.

Because it's the right time to start

It's always worth starting a project, whether your child is still a toddler or already approaching adolescence. It's never too early or late. There is never a wrong time, but the time is always right. You will definitely get a good friend for efficient movement from the child. Remember to listen to the child and accept his wishes. If the forms of exercise he chooses are not among your passions, then what? The faster you'll be second, and that doesn't hurt either.

Moving with the family, going outside and being active are choices that help children learn that movement is a part of daily life.

In your seats, ready, now. The project can begin.

Author - Heidi Leivo

Pictures - Geego Kids

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Heidi Leivo is the CEO and one of the founders of the family exercise concept Geego Kids . Geego improves the well-being and quality of life of families by encouraging both children and adults to move together.


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