Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki edestä
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki takaa
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki lähikuva hihasta
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki lähikuva nimikointilapusta
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki lähikuva
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki edestä huppu ylhäällä
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki pisarat kankaalla
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki lähikuva hupun kiinnityksestä
Reiman musta Vatten sadetakki lähikuva

Vatten - Children's Raincoat

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Reiman's A-line raincoat with a long back hem. The raincoat's recycled fiber material is PVC-free. The raincoat is flexible and comfortable to wear. The jacket holds water well, as the seams are welded to make them waterproof. The A-line model and the extended back protect well from both rain and rain. This raincoat can be used all year round without any worries, as it does not harden in the cold. The jacket has a detachable hood and lots of reflective accessories.

  • Waterproof, welded seams
  • Contains recycled polyester
  • Flexible material
  • No PVC
  • Safe, removable hood
  • Flexible cuffs
  • A-line model with a comfortable, longer back hem
  • Front zipper
  • Reflective details
  • Water column value: at least 10,000mm



The measurements in the size chart are body measurements. So if you want to compare the child's measurements with the size chart, always measure the child, not the garment. Take measurements from the child's body over thin underwear. Hands and head are measured without accessories.

Reima® suits have about 6 cm of room for growth, taking into account the under and intermediate layers. If your child is around 104 cm in autumn and has a slim or normal body, the size 104 coverall should fit him all winter. However, children sometimes have strong growth spurts, in which case larger clothes may be necessary.

Reima's clothing size chart


Foot measurement instructions: Ask your child to stand on the paper with the heel against the wall. Mark the length of the leg on a piece of paper and measure the distance. We have calculated the growth allowance for you, so only the length of the leg matters.

Reiman Size chart for children's shoes

Beanies and hats

Reiman's Size chart for beanies and hats

Gloves and mittens

Reiman Size chart for gloves and mittens

In children's games, rapa is splashed and clothes get dirty, as it should be. Reima has developed products that are increasingly practical, without forgetting ecology. Reima® costumes are dirt-repellent and easy to care for and do not contain harmful chemicals. You save energy, water, detergent and time - you do less laundry and have time to go outside more! Below are some proven washing tips to make everyday life easier. However, please always check the exact care instructions on the product's wash cloth. Outdoor clothing should rarely be washed in the machine, as each wash wears down the product's technical properties.

  • Reduce machine washing, often spraying or wiping is sufficient.
  • Wash dirty inside out in the machine at 40°C, do not use fabric softener.
  • Close zippers and Velcro fasteners so they don't damage other fabrics.
  • Dry inside out, because the waterproof film slows down drying inside out.
  • You can also throw the clothes in a drying cabinet max 40°C, or in a drum if the washcloth allows drum drying.
  • Dirt and water repellency improves when you spin a washed, dry garment in a warm dryer for about 15 minutes. The treatment is suitable for all Reima outerwear, even if tumble drying is not allowed (excluding raincoats and kura suits).
  • The gloves dry faster if you turn them inside out, but you won't tear the lining off the outer.
  • Outdoor clothes and shoes repel dirt and water even better if you spray them with a protective agent.

Shoe washing instructions

Children's shoes get tough, especially in the sleet and mud weather of autumn and spring. Irtolia can be wiped off with a brush or a damp towel when entering. Before use, the surface of the shoe can also be treated with a protective agent intended for it. Some Reima shoes can also be washed in a washing machine - check the care instructions on the shoe's hanging tag.

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