Helly Hansenin Loen teknillinen t-paita harmaassa sävyssä, jossa on merinovillaa seassa.
Helly Hansenin Loen teknillinen t-paita harmaassa sävyssä, jossa on merinovillaa seassa. Kuva otettu takaa.

Jr Loen Tech t-shirt - Youth technical t-shirt

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A high-quality and soft-feeling technical t-shirt with sporty Helly Hansen stripes on the sleeves. The T-shirt is made of polyester, merino wool and polypropylene, so it keeps you warm and dry even when you're active. Top product!

  • Technical t-shirt for children and young people
  • HH logo on the front
  • Round neckline
  • Raglan sleeve for mobility
  • Material: 70% polyester, 15% merino wool and 15% polypropylene


Clothing for children and young people

See the washing and care instructions for the products in the care instructions for each product. It is important to wash your Helly Tech® clothing from time to time depending on the use. Washing clothes removes various substances from the surfaces, such as oil, dirt and salts, and restores the surface tension of the fabric, keeps it clean and helps the film to work at its best.

Before washing your Helly Tech® clothing:

  • Make sure all zippers are closed.
  • Wash the product with warm water in the washing machine according to the care instructions on the product.
  • Do not use fabric softener or other detergents with softening agents, as they reduce the surface tension of the fabric and negatively affect the performance of the fabric.
  • HH® advises to use a technical detergent and follow its instructions. In cases where there are no technical washing products and you only have access to ordinary detergents, HH® advises you to use a liquid detergent without additives (without perfumes, foam or fabric softener).
  • A second rinsing cycle with water is recommended to remove any detergents left on the surface. It is important to remove excess detergent as it can affect the performance of the fabric.
  • After washing, you can safely tumble dry your Helly Tech® clothing to reactivate the DWR (Durable Water Resistant) treatment. Always follow the clothing care instructions.

OLKiA delivers to Finland (excl. Åland) and other EU countries (excl. Malta, Greece and Cyprus). The delivery time for products to Finland is approximately 1-3 business days and to foreign countries 3-6 business days.

    Products ordered in Finland have a free 14-day right of return. Products ordered to other EU countries have a return fee of €14.90/return and the amount will be deducted when processing the return. If the order is partially returned so that the value of the remaining order is less than €119, we reserve the right to deduct the costs of the original shipment from the amount to be returned.

    Read more detailed terms of delivery here .
    You can find more information about exchanges and returns here .

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