OLKiA ja Emmy yhteistyö. Käytetty takki maassa uudelle omistajalle.OLKiA ja Emmy yhteistyö. Käytetty takki maassa uudelle omistajalle.

OLKiA & Emmy

Olkia wants to make recycling high-quality clothes as easy as possible for its customers. That's why Olkia cooperates with Emmy, Finland's largest second-hand online store. Emmy is a domestic company whose mission is to encourage the purchase of high-quality clothes and their reuse. When your child's good-quality clothes run out, you can send them to Emmy for sale. You get to clean out your wardrobes, you get income for yourself, and someone else gets joy and benefits from your clothes. This is also a responsible way of working and reduces the burden on nature.

Emmy takes care of these things for you

  • Sorts, evaluates, prices and describes the products
  • Put them up for sale in his online store
  • Handles customer service related to sales
  • Delivers the products to the buyer

Sales revenue
Emmy transfers the sales proceeds to your bank account once a month. The seller gets up to 30–80% of the selling price of the product, depending on the final price of the sold product. You have the opportunity to choose your sales revenue for an Olkia gift card , in which case you will receive a +10% additional benefit .

Olkia's customer benefit
Use the Olkia customer benefit code OLKIA24 and get free delivery of your products with no limit on the number of boxes/bags . You can send children's and adults' clothes, accessories and footwear at the same time.
Make a seller shipment

Tips for selling products

  • High-quality children's clothes are in demand and the resale value is maintained, as long as you keep the product in good condition.
  • Spring is in high demand, especially for mid-season clothes, so now it's worth putting the small, neat spring overalls, jackets and sneakers on sale in circulation.
  • The best returns can be obtained depending on timeliness, condition and brand