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Materials and care - Tretorn


Raincoat washing instructions:

  • Often, showering or wiping with a wet rag is enough for rain gear.
  • Use a mild detergent to wash the raincoat. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Close all snaps and zippers before machine washing.
  • Do not put rain suits in the dryer. Immediately after washing, remove the jacket from the machine and hang it to dry.

Washing and cleaning
Always keep your boots clean. Although Tretorn boots are built to last, they do not like dirt, mud, fertilizer, etc. To improve the life of the boots, we recommend washing them regularly in room temperature soapy/glycerin water and brushing the crevices and seams if necessary, especially if visible dirt or mud has stuck to them. You can also easily wipe the inside of the boots with a wet cloth or cleaning sponge.

Never dry boots over a heater. If the inside of the boot or the lining is wet, we recommend turning the boots upside down so they dry faster. Natural rubber lasts best if it is dried at room temperature. The natural rubber used in Tretorn's boots is made without PVC, phthalates, fluorocarbon or other chemical additives. It's just pure rubber and color pigment.

The rubber conditioner can be used regularly during the wet season or every two months in dry weather. The new rubber boots have an invisible protective surface that wears off with time and use. When this protective surface wears too much, it exposes the boots to the sun, which can cause the rubber to crack prematurely. Use the conditioner on a clean and dry rubber surface and spread it with a clean sponge.

When the boots are not in use, it is important that they are stored in a dry and dark place that is evenly heated.

Natural rubber doesn't like temperature fluctuations, so keep your boots indoors instead of storing them in a warehouse in the winter, for example. Boots also don't like being left in sunlight. The sun dries natural rubber and may cause the rubber to split.


Hybrid shoes do not need to be impregnated in order for them to remain waterproof, as neoprene and rubber are waterproof materials in themselves. Wash hybrid shoes by hand in lukewarm water using a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use strong cleaning agents or substances that contain oil or acid.

When wearing shoes, moisture condenses on the inside, which is why the lining gets wet. The insole can be removed for ventilation and the shoe can be left to dry without the insole until the next use. That's why all our hybrid shoes have a removable insole.