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Materials and care - Picture Organic

Organic cotton products

Wash organic cotton clothing by closing all Velcro, buttons and zippers and loosening elastic drawstrings and turning the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine.

Avoid using detergents that contain chlorine, bleaches, fabric softeners, fragrances, perfumes or dyes.

In the first wash, use a color collecting cloth to avoid staining the clothes. During the manufacturing process, our clothes receive a non-chemical treatment to add color, and to save water, we do not prewash them.

All clothing manufactured by Picture must be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C (85°F). Use a gentle spin setting. We recommend air drying your clothes away from heat sources.


If Picture's cap has a cap, dip the cap in warm water and keep the edges of the cap away from the water. Then lightly scrub the fabric with soapy water such as detergent, dishwashing liquid or regular soap. You can use a soft brush to scrub the dirtiest areas. Rinse with clean water.

Never put the cork brand in the dryer or it may shrink. Always let the cap dry away from heat sources.

Water-repellent and waterproof clothing

Machine wash all membrane garments at 30°C (85°F). We recommend that you use a gentle detergent. Never use fabric softeners or bleach.

Close all Velcro, buttons and zippers and loosen elastic drawstrings and turn the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine.

When the water no longer remains on the surface of the fabric, you should saturate your clothes again. The original water-repellent finish won't last forever. The impregnation can be poured into the detergent compartment or sprayed on the garment after washing, every time you wash the garment.

Never use an aerosol or you could inhale tiny particles and potentially change the performance and quality of your jacket.

Down jackets

Wash your down jacket in the machine only if the washing label says so. Use liquid soap that does not contain detergents, fabric softeners or bleaches. Chemical additives weaken the effectiveness of treated fabrics in your down jacket. We recommend using detergents specifically intended for washing the product. If you use traditional laundry detergent, rinse the garment once to remove chemical residues.

Empty the contents of each pocket before washing, then close the pocket zippers. Close all other zippers as well.

Wash at 30°C (85°F) and choose a gentle spin to avoid fiber breakage. After washing, the down jacket is heavy and wet. Shake it well to remove as much water as possible and aerate the filling material. Never wring your down jacket to squeeze out excess water.

Allow your down jacket to air dry by laying it flat between two thick towels away from heat sources. Turn it over several times during drying and shake it each time to distribute the down feathers properly.